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Danbury Society Member, Norman Bartlett, runs a Blog on Danbury village matters.   He covers very current events and incidents that are relevant to the objects of Danbury Society.

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At present the Planning events in Danbury are latest news.

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Latest Changes
12th July 2019 Updated the Home Page to promote the Art Exhibition in August.   Added photographs and report of the Maldon Walk.

The Chairman has asked me to bring to your attention details of the Chelmsford Local Plan together with the Danbury Society comments.

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  • Chelmsford Local Plan and comments
  • Thank you.

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  • What is Planned for 2019

    For full details look at the Members' Annual Programme Card

    The 47th Annual Art Exhibition.

    This will be held in the Danbury Sports and Social Centre, Eve's Corner on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August.

    The Annual Art Exhibition will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend as usual and will be held in the Sports Hall of the Danbury Sports & Social Centre.

    Please note there are a number of changes introduced this year as the result of requested feedback from both the Artists and the visitors.

    Artists will now be permitted to show five paintings each, up from four because of the availability of more hanging space.

    The opening hours will be simplified. Doors will open at 10.00 a.m. on each day, and close at 6.00 p.m. except on Sunday when it will be an hour earlier at 5.00 p.m.

    The catalogue with the colourful cover will no longer be available.   Instead the details of every painting will be on a card mounted next to the relevant painting.   The card will have all the relevant information: the title, the artist, the medium and the price.

    Each Artist's paintings will be in one place as well.

    To cover the cost of mounting the exhibition, there will be an entry fee of �1 per adult visitor but with no charge for any children he or she might bring along.

    There were be the usual famous Raffle.

    Danbury Annual Art Exhibition provides the platform for the most significant social occasion in the village year.     Furthermore, any proceeds go to the charitable funds used for Danbury Society's objects: enriching village life, preserving the character of village and surrounding countryside, and supporting village groups.

    Date     Open times (Hours)
    Friday August 23th       10.00 - 18.00
    Saturday August 24th   10.00 - 18.00
    Sunday August 25th   10.00 - 17.00

    The event is organised by a small team, each member is responsible for one aspect of the show.   If you are an artist and you are interested in assisting, please contact the Artists' Liaison Representative.

    Evening Visit

    Thursday, 20th June 7.30pm.

    On a lovely evening on 20th June, about 20 Society members and guests gathered in Tesco car park at Maldon.

    Our party was under the expert guidance of the man who knows more about the history of Maldon than anyone else, Stephen Nunn.
    He led us along the banks of the waterway past the Maldon golf course to the confused watery junction of the rivers Blackwater, Chelmer and the Langford Cut.   We crossed the weir at that point and headed for the ruins of Beeleigh mill. There, channels were cut to allow barges to load what came from the mill.

    May Visit to Maldon
    Chris, Stephen, Charles and Bob.
    Photos by John Deamer

    That had been built in 1795, five storeys high, with ten millstones and two water wheels. nbsp; Later a boiler was installed to provide steam for a beam engine that drove 5 more sets of millstones.   It was a significant industrial site but it ended when it was destroyed by fire in 1875.   Along the lane there had been a row of workers' cottages of which only one remained and was now converted into a modern home.

    A bit closer to Beeleigh Abbey had been more dwellings associated with the religious building. nbsp; Now there is little trace of what was once a flourishing hamlet.

    May Visit to Maldon
    Chris, Stephen, Christine and David.

    Stephen led us along quiet ways to come out at the top of Cromwell Hill and the end of the tour.

    First Talk of the Year.

    Thursday 25th April at 8pm in the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    Wartime Maldon   by Stephen Nunn, local Historian and was held in the Dawson Suite.

    Stephen Nunn give a fascinating talk to a large turnout of Members and guests about the impact of the 1939-45 War on the people of Maldon.   Its position on the East coast meant the town was right in the frontline of the air war.

    April Talk
    Steven Nunn - notice it was still light outside at 8.10pm.
    Photos by John Bowen & Norman Bartlett

    While it only had one RAF airfield nearby, it was on the route of Luftwaffe bombers heading to and from their targets in the UK.   Evidence of the activity overhead is that over 120 aircraft crash sites were located in the area: British, German, American and Canadian.

    April Talk
    Steven Nunn mentioning those in the Churchyard.

    Stephen also set out the huge number of people who were engaged in full or part time activities as part of the war effort.   No fewer that 6 companies of the Home Guard were raised, as well many men for the Auxiliary Fire Service and Specials in the Police Force. The talk was far from a recital of numbers.   Stephen told some marvellous human interest stories affecting British, American, German and Italian servicemen.

    April Talk
    Sample of the Ration Coupons issued during and after the War.

    He sometimes referred to his book Heinkels over Heybridge when telling a few stories which featured in it.   That gave a flavour of the unusual events that occurred.

    April Talk
    Steven Nunn answering questions after his presentation.

    The audience was spellbound.   A very worthwhile evening with tea/coffee and biscuits afterwards.

    A pity you may have missed it.

    Danbury Society Quiz.

    Was held on Saturday, 23th March at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre.

    A General Knowledge Quiz by Mike Simmons held in the Dawson Suite.

    Danbury Society kicked off the 2019 programme with its first event of the year, a quiz.

    All tables were sold for this event which shows its continued popularity.   Partly this is due to the question master Mike Simmons.
    This was the third time he has provided the questions to challenge quizzers.

    Over �200 was raised for the Society's charitable funds."

    Heritage Open Days Season.

    These start Friday, 13th and continued until Sunday 22nd September throughtout Essex and the UK.

    Locally, Norman Bartlett of the Danbury Society will organise events in Danbury - details later.

    Thanks to Chelmsford City Council for their involvement with Heritage Open Days.

    Autumn Talk - Onward from my Early Days in Thames Sailing Barges.

    On Thursday 26th September at 8pm at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    By Jim Lawrence, former Thames Barge Skipper.

    When Jim was at school in the late 1930s, he and his mates used to go down to the Hythe in Colchester to watch the Thames Sailing Barges.   He decided that was what he wanted to do when he left school at 15.   He joined the 'Gladys' as Third Hand, sailing along the Essex rivers and down the coast to London and then back.   When men were called up in 1939 and 1940, he was promoted to Mate and a few years later to Skipper.

    He will give his talk about those days in his warm Essex accent.   He may possibly have a Bargeman's song to sing as well if he brings his banjo or accordion along.   What he will bring along is a rich fund of stories that tell of those days when the brown sails of the barges were a familiar sight along the River Blackwater and Crouch, the Thames estuary and the Medway.

    You can get a flavour of Jim by watching this clip:

    After the talk tea, coffee and biscuits will be served.

    Thur 21 November 20:00 AGM, Danbury Society's Annual General Meeting.

    Thursday 21st November at 8pm at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    Danbury Society AGM 2019.

    This will be followed by Talk: �Essex Artists -The Great Bardfield Group� Speaker: Norman Bartlett followed by a social evening of wine, snacks and conversation.

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    Aims of The Danbury Society

    To involve the residents of Danbury in interests and pursuits to enrich village life.

    To ensure that changes in the Village are undertaken with sensitivity to the character of Danbury.

    To protect the natural beauty of the local landscape and to promote its maintenance and care.

    To Work for the preservation and protection of buildings and features of interest in Danbury.

    To promote the general charitable benefit of the inhabitants of the Danbury area by provision of such financial and/or material benefit as the Trustees for the time being shall determine.

    The Danbury Society supports the Village

    As part of its Charitable Objects, the Danbury Society makes grants to village activities and organisations of all kinds.   Since its formation in 1967, the Society has donated many thousands of pounds ranging from improvements at Eves Corner, refurbishing the Village Hall, restoration of the Grade 1 listed Parish Church to helping out with youth organisations.

    The Danbury Society publish a Newsletter every 4 months.   This is available to paid-up Members

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    The Danbury Society Blog

    The Chairman of The Danbury Society, Norman Bartlett, is running a Blog on Danbury village matters. He tries to cover events and incidents that are relevant to the objects of Danbury Society.
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