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The Danbury Society is a village conservation Society located in
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Danbury Society Member, Norman Bartlett, runs a Blog on Danbury village matters.   He covers very current events and incidents that are relevant to the objects of Danbury Society.

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At present the Planning events in Danbury are latest news.

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Latest Changes
5th August 2018 Updated the Home Page to promote the Annual Art Show.   Added the Danbury Society Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR on 25th May 2018

The Chairman has asked me to bring to your attention details of the Chelmsford Local Plan together with the Danbury Society comments.

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  • Chelmsford Local Plan and comments
  • Thank you.

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  • Personal Data and Privacy Policy

  • What is Planned for 2018

    For full details look at the Members' Annual Programme Card

    The 46th Annual Art Exhibition.

    To be held at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre, Eve's Corner on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August.

    The Exhibition will feature original works by renowned Essex Artists covering many topics and in a range of media.   Besides the many hung paintings there will be tables displaying portfolio works of art.

    It will be formally opened by the Village's new Rector, Revd Canon Jacqueline Jones on Friday 24th August at 12.00 noon.

    All exhibits are for sale with prices typically ranging from £30 to £300.   Many people just come along to browse and admire the stylish and imaginative work of our local people.   It is, after all, the village's premier social event of the year.

    Many painting forms of media will be on display.

    Acrylics are important today and on Saturday between 11am and 4pm Helen Rubinstein will be demonstrating how they are used.   She calls her demonstration Acrylic and Beyond.

    Watercolour is always a popular choice while those more experienced artists also use oils.   Other media on display will be pastel, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, gouache and possibly a linocut or woodcut.   The material of the exhibits is usually paper but oils need canvas and other materials to be seen could be board, silk, velour or others.   Multi-media offerings are always to be seen.

    Each of the three Danbury schools will be exhibiting a range of work from the children in the top year.
    One prizewinner will be selected from each school.

    Admission is free but a lovely catalogue can be purchased for £1.00.

    There were be the usual famous Raffle.

    Danbury Annual Art Exhibition provides the platform for the most significant social occasion in the village year.     Furthermore, any proceeds go to the charitable funds used for Danbury Society's objects: enriching village life, preserving the character of village and surrounding countryside, and supporting village groups.

    Date     Open times (Hours)
    Friday August 24th       12.00 - 19.00
    Saturday August 25th   10.00 - 18.00
    Sunday August 26th   10.00 - 17.00

    Refreshments are available on site.

    The event is organised by a small team, each member is responsible for one aspect of the show.   If you are an artist and you are interested in assisting, please contact the Artists' Liaison Representative.

    Click here  to e-mail the Artist's Liaison Rep directly.

    The Danbury Society Guided Walk.

    Thursday, 21st June at 7.30pm in central Chelmsford.

    This walk was led by Alan Pamphilon.   Note, Alan also presented the April Talk.

    They met at the Stone Bridge in the High Street.   Alan, in period costume, lead the group around Chelmsford and bring the City's main streets to life before the age of supermarkets and shopping malls.

    Evening Visit

    This was on Thursday, 10th May 7pm at the Sandford Mill Industrial Museum.

    Danbury Society's annual visit this year was an out-of-hours evening visit to Sandford Mill.

    Our group was met outside the building by Tim Wander, the Curator.  

    May Visit to Sandford Mill
    Tim Wander.
    Photos by Norman Bartlett

    He is a natural raconteur who explained the origins of the building.   He explained that since the 19th century Chelmsford had run out of water every 30 years or so.   In 1923 Chelmsford District Council built this waterworks to abstract and process water from the River Chelmer.   The channel was built from the river to create an island on which the works stands.   There were three boreholes to supplement the river on site, in Admirals Park and in Hall Street.   The drawn water was full of sediment and pollutants.   Settlement tanks were made and the water was treated with ferric oxide to make the particulates fall to the bottom.   The red sediment was pumped out into the river until 1984 and this is still occasionally stirred up by canoeists.

    Our group went inside and Tim began his discourse on the industrial history of Chelmsford, notably the Big Four of Marconi, Crompton, Hoffmans and Christy Brothers but Marconi in particular.   He focused on Guglielmo Marconi's conviction about wireless transmission, and his early conversion of William Preece Chief Electrical Engineer of the British Post Office.   Fortunately Marconi came from a well-connected family – aristocratic father and Angle Irish mother from the Jameson whisky firm.   He continued to demonstrate his equipment over longer and longer distances until he achieved a transatlantic link.   The wealth of family and friends sustained this expensive period of development.   Marconi was more interested in communication for ships at sea.   Between 1897 and 1905, 18,000 people had lost their lives on ships that had been lost without trace.

    Marconi may have chosen Chelmsford as a he wanted to be outside London and because the town had a workforce knowledgeable about electrical equipment because of Colonel Crompton's pioneering factory.   Marconi set up a factory in Hall Street where all the components of the radio equipment were manufactured.   Marconi was first and foremost an entrepreneur so his decisions were always made on a business basis.   Slowly he began to obtain orders from shipping companies but it was not until the Titanic disaster in 1912 that the fitting of radio to ships really took off.

    The Great War saw an enormous growth in demand for wireless and the training of tens of thousands of men skilled in its use and repair.   After the war, Marconi began experiments with voice transmission from a hut at Writtle and a mast at New Street that towered 400 ft.   The Writtle hut had originally been used by a flight of the RNAS Zeppelin protection force, based at the village.   It had been preserved and re-erected inside the building where we stood.

    Tim took us into the hut and told how the story developed.

    May Visit
    Inside the Marconi Hut from Writtle.

    The original voice transmissions were simply just that: engineers reading out Bradshaw's timetable or pages from a newspaper.   Marconi hadn't realised that many people had primitive receivers and were listening to these transmissions with great interest.   One engineer, Peter Eckersley, started regular broadcasts of a light-hearted nature with songs, imitations and general facetiousness that gained a following of thousands.   The GPO issued a licence for continued broadcasting with the station identifier 2MT based at the Writtle hut.

    Lord Rothermere heard of the tests and offered Dame Nelly Melba a fee of £1,000 to make a broadcast.   Here Tim digressed to say a little about Dame Nelly.   Admired as a national icon in her native Australia, in 1920 she was a veritable diva near the end of her career.   She was small, less than 5 ft tall, and one who jealously preserved her reputation even to the extent of discrediting younger up and coming sopranos.   The limousine that met her at the station gave her a tour of the town for which Marconi, ever the publicist, recruited a rent-a-mob to stand at strategic points and cheer.

    As an entrepreneur, Marconi could see no business case for public broadcasts.   The British Broadcasting Company was formed in 1922 under the station sign 2LO.   It expanded but was wound up in 1926 and formed the basis of the state-owned BBC.   Tim spent some time commending Peter Eckersley and his interesting life and complaining how his name was so little known.

    Our group then looked around the rest of the museum.   Notable is a faithful reproduction of the Wireless Radio room on the Titanic.

    May Visit
    Tim demonstrating the workings of the RMS Titanic Wireless Room.

    Upstairs is what may be the oldest firefighting appliance in the world.

    May Visit
    What maybe the Worlds Oldest Fire Engine.

    Thank you Tim for an enjoyable and interesting evening.

    First Talk of the Year.

    Was on Thursday 19th April at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    The Forgotten History of Chelmsford"   by Alan Pamphilon, local Chelmsford Historian.

    An illustrated talk from the Iron Age to the present day.

    Please note that Alan will lead a walk around Chelmsford for the Danbury Society on Thursday, 21st June.

    Forty members and guests were at the Sports & Social Centre to hear him.

    April Talk
    Looking at part of the audience of this well supported talk.
    Photos by Norman Bartlett

    But before the start, Danbury Society Chairman, John Deamer presented cheques to local organisations.

    First up was Paul Walker of 1st Danbury Scouts who brought along some Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to see what was going one.

    April Talk
    Paul Walker (left) and Chairman John Deamer.

    He was presented with a cheque for £750 as a contribution to the fitting out of the new Scout HQ in Moores Bridge Lane.

    April Talk
    Paul Walker receiving the cheque.

    Then Charlotte Jones accepted £200 on behalf of Danbury Pre-School Group to help with the purchase of replacement equipment.

    April Talk
    Charlotte Jones and John Deamer.

    Wearing Victorian waistcoat, high collar and neck tie, Alan delivered a professional talk with a lectern and slides.

    April Talk
    Alan Pamphilon, local Chelmsford Historian.

    His talk took the audience on an imaginary stroll from Moulsham Street and up the High Street to the railway station.
    He identified various locations and told a story about them from Roman times to the 1930s.
    At some sites the buildings had long since disappeared like the agora that had existed near Hall Street, the old prison by the river, the Great Black Boy Inn on the corner of Springfield Road and the Corn Exchange.   Others were still used daily like the Stone Bridge, the Shire Hall, the Anne Knight building and, of course, the train station.

    It was a popular talk and Alan dealt with some close questioning afterwards before the customary tea, biscuits and social chat.

    Thank you Alan for an interesting evening.   We look forward to seeing you in Chelmsford in June for your conducted tour.

    Autumn Talk.

    On Thursday 27th September at 8pm at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    By Jim Lawrence, former Thames Barge Skipper.

    Danbury Society's Annual General Meeting.

    Thursday 22nd November at 8pm at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner.

    Followed by :-

    Last Talk of the Year.

    By Tony Tuckwell, former Headmaster of KEGS, Chelmsford.

    Followed by the

    Annual Society Party.

    Carols Around the Christmas Tree at Eves Corner

    This will be typically on a Wednesday in December 2018

    The annual Carol Service around the Christmas Tree on the village green usually has a Silver Band to provide the music.   There will be powerful flood lights to help read the song sheets more easily since the power pillar was erected.

    Danbury Society Quiz.

    Was on Saturday, 24th March at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre.

    A General Knowledge Quiz by Mike Simmons.

    Tables of up to six - £5 per person in aid of the Society’s Charitable Funds.

    Drinks at the bar please – but bring your own snacks.

    Call John on 01245 223106 to book a table or place at a table.
      Note, the Telephone Number quoted in the blue 2018 Programme Cards is incorrect.

    This was a well attended Quiz with all tables filled.

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    Aims of The Danbury Society

    To involve the residents of Danbury in interests and pursuits to enrich village life.

    To ensure that changes in the Village are undertaken with sensitivity to the character of Danbury.

    To protect the natural beauty of the local landscape and to promote its maintenance and care.

    To Work for the preservation and protection of buildings and features of interest in Danbury.

    To promote the general charitable benefit of the inhabitants of the Danbury area by provision of such financial and/or material benefit as the Trustees for the time being shall determine.

    The Danbury Society supports the Village

    As part of its Charitable Objects, the Danbury Society makes grants to village activities and organisations of all kinds.   Since its formation in 1967, the Society has donated many thousands of pounds ranging from improvements at Eves Corner, refurbishing the Village Hall, restoration of the Grade 1 listed Parish Church to helping out with youth organisations.

    The Danbury Society publish a Newsletter every 4 months.   This is available to paid-up Members

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