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8thJuly 2006 Added this page at the request of John Deamer at the Spring Show.

The Danbury Society have realised that there has not been, until now, a Joining Form on the Web Site.
Please print this page, fill it in and send it (or pop it through the letterbox) to John Deamer, the Membership Secretary.


Please fill in using computer or Block Capitals.         Date:-

Forname(s                        Surname

E-Mail Address

Telephone Number                         Tick here if Ex Directory :-
(With Code)

Postal Address

Post Code

The Danbury Society would be like to enter the 21st Century, would you be prepared to receive your Newsletter by E-Mail. Please indicate here if this is agreeable: -

Please enclose a cheque made out to :-

"The Danbury Society" for 1.00 if you live in Danbury Village or E-Mail Newsletter OR 2.00 for a Postal Newsletter.

Please send this Form & Cheque to: -

Mr John Deamer
Danbury Society Membership Sec
4 Landisdale

Please enclose a Stamped and Addressed envelope for your Receipt/Membership Slip.

Thank you.

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